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Suppressions and Alternate Locate Agreements

Infrastructure owners wishing to opt out of notification from a certain excavator for specific types of work/method of digging may wish to set up special arrangements with the excavator through an Alternate Locate Agreement or Suppression

An Alternate Locate Agreement (ALA) advises the excavator that a traditional field locate from the Ontario One Call member is not required. This could be for work that is deemed low-risk to the member’s infrastructure (i.e. hand digging tree roots, vacuum excavation, etc.). When the excavator contacts Ontario One Call using a special Contractor ID, the member in question does not receive the locate request instead the notification system will advise the excavator that traditional field locates will not be completed under their ALA.

A Suppression is for work that does require a traditional field locate. Based on arrangements made between the facility owner and Ontario One Call, the locate is not sent to the typical locator.

This could be for any of the following reasons, including:

  • The facility owner is doing work on their own plant and does not require a 3rd party locate
  • The facility owner has authorized the excavator to perform a locate for work they are doing on behalf of the facility owner
  • The locate will be performed by another locate service provider that has been authorized by the facility owner