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Office clearance service (“Look-Up”)

Look-Up is an optional service provided by Ontario One Call. Through Look-Up, notification that would traditionally be sent to the member or the member’s locate service provider is instead re-routed to our in-house clearance centre. The request is then evaluated using a pre-determined set of business rules (with rules defined by the member) and compared to the member’s maps. The request then has the potential to be cleared in-house, eliminating the need for a field locate.

Consider this scenario:

  • ABC Utility Company has a plant on the north side of Brown Street in Toronto. 123 Contracting wishes to dig a hydro trench on the south side of Brown Street.
  • The contact centre will create a notification for ABC Utility to advise that there will be excavation near their plant.
  • The locate request information can then be routed to the Look-Up centre, who analyzes it along with ABC Utility’s maps and determines that the plant is not at risk.
  • Look-Up will issue a clearance on ABC Utility’s behalf, thus eliminating the cost of a field locate, but first ensuring that there was no risk to the plant.

Look-Up members enjoy the benefits of some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, money and time saved from eliminating unnecessary locates, freeing up administrative staff to work on other tasks, and much more.