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Request a Locate

Mapping your service area

When a company that owns underground assets and infrastructure becomes a member of Ontario One Call they must provide Ontario One Call with information portraying the area they wish to receive notifications of excavator locate requests.

The notification coverage information must identify the limits of coverage by submitting a digital file from their internal GIS system, sending in a hard copy map format, or confirming municipal coverage (for Infrastructure owners with municipal-wide coverage areas). Member notification coverage (polygon(s)) will be overlaid on the Ontario One Call map that is used in the system. The member will be notified that the notification coverage information is ready for validation and will be provided with information to log onto the member coverage validation site. Each member must validate the coverage that is loaded into the system represents the coverage limits supplied by the member before the member is activated in the system.

When an excavator calls for a locate request, the location of the dig site is determined on the Ontario One Call map. The mapping software then determines which member polygons are intersected for that locate request and whether the member should receive a notification.