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Identifying the dig site

Ontario One Call requires excavators to provide information about the location of a dig site in order to position it correctly in the GIS base map. Civic address information as well as the 2 nearest intersecting streets to the dig site is also required in order to validate that the address information provided is correct. The excavator is then asked to identify the extent of the excavation at the dig site. Ontario One Call will then utilize the system software to identify the dig site location. The Ontario One Call software then automatically identifies member coverage that intersect with the dig location and member coverage deemed “All Clear” with the dig location.

When Ontario One Call is unable to accurately place the dig site location in the mapping database, a wider search is initiated to identify streets or municipalities in the vicinity of the dig site. It may be necessary to default to a larger polygon in order to ensure that members are not missed in the notification process. This could happen for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to information from the excavator, excavation in a newly developed area not yet mapped in the Ontario One Call map, etc.