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Who is Ontario One Call?

If you are excavating a new building, repairing buried infrastructure, landscaping, residential paving, building concrete slabs, or anything else that requires you to break ground, you must contact Ontario One Call.

Contacting Ontario One Call will help protect your project from unnecessary damages, injuries and financial penalties. We notify buried infrastructure owners that you are excavating. Once notified, they will then let you know where cables, pipes and wires are buried.

Be safe, know what’s below.

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Requesting a locate through Ontario One Call is free

You must contact Ontario One Call a minimum of 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) before digging.

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How Locate Requests Work

Step 1


At least 5 days before you dig, submit a locate request at or
1-800-400-2255. We will notify underground infrastructure owners that you plan to dig.

Step 2


Locators from each underground infrastructure owner will come out to locate the buried lines & cables.

Step 3


Dig safely. Respect the marks and follow the instructions that are provided.

There Are Two Ways To Make A Locate Request

Use our web portal to save time and make the most accurate locate request

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and Emergency
calls only