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Compliance Reports

Locate Delivery Reports

Ontario One Call is mandated by law to make Member Locate Performance Reports publicly available on its website, as per the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012 (the Act), Section 15 (1) & (2).

To be compliant, a Member (Utility company/underground infrastructure owner) has to complete or clear their locate AND report the locate status to Ontario One Call within the legislated timeframe.

The following reports allow interested parties to view locate delivery performance data. They can also help in understanding how well locates are being delivered by region. Please note that these reports include standard locate requests only. Emergencies, Priority, Design and Planning, and Sewer Safety Inspection requests, as well as Suppressions, ALAs, and Filter Clearances are not included.

Please click on the following links to view the reports. Reports are published monthly.

April 2023

March 2023

February 2023

January 2023

December 2022

November 2022

October 2022  

September 2022

 August 2022

 July 2022


Information and Resources

On May 18, 2023 OOC’s Director of Compliance and Industry Performance Ryan McAfee hosted a Performance Primer to discuss locate industry performance data and other compliance topics. Our Directory of Information & Technology  Brandon Denton participated as a guest speaker and provided insights about the web portal.

This webinar was the first of its kind and it will be hosted quarterly. Guest speakers will be regularly invited.

Please find below the recording of the Performance Primer.

Legislated timeframes
Members are required to complete or clear a standard locate in 5 business days and update 360 Feedback completions (Clears and Completed) within 3 business days, as per section 6 (3) and 14 (1) of the Act.

Please note, our law has recently changed. To see an overview of the most recent changes to our Act and how they affect Members and Excavators, please click here.

360 Feedback
360 Feedback is a web-based solution provided by Ontario One Call used by Members to report the status of their locates. A Member is non-compliant if they do not update 360 Feedback, even if the locates have been provided within the legislated timeframe. To review Updating 360 Feedback and Locate Statuses – A How to guide please click here.

Advantages of reporting into 360 Feedback accurately and consistently:
– Compliance with the law
– Avoiding Administrative Penalties
– Avoiding increases in your membership fees

It is also important to update 360 Feedback correctly when renegotiating. To stay compliant, both the Member and the Excavator must agree to a new locate delivery date in writing, and understand the intention of the agreement – to change the legal due date of a locate delivery. To see Renegotiation Best Practices, please click here.

The following request types are not included in the reports:

Emergencies: A locate request that is deemed an emergency by Ontario One Call. This may occur in case of imminent or significant safety or environmental hazards, or imminent threat to a person or to the public.

Priority: A locate request that is deemed a priority by Ontario One Call depending on the circumstances.

Design and Planning: A locate request made during the planning phase of a project, and does not require a field locate.

Sewer Safety Inspections: A type of request used to find out if there is a cross-bore in the sewer line. A cross-bore is a gas pipe intersecting a sewer line that can burst while clearing the sewer and can pose an immediate safety risk.

Suppressions: a locate request that requires a traditional field locate but that is not sent to the typical locator.

ALAs: An Alternate Locate Agreement (ALA) advises the excavator that a traditional field locate from an Ontario One Call member is not required. This agreement is pre-arranged between the Member and the excavator, where the Member has deemed the work low-risk.

Filter Clearances: An automatic way to clear certain types of locates based on specific criteria set up by the Member company.