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Contractor Bridge – End of Life


Attention Stakeholders
Contractor Bridge – End of Life

Effective January 2022, Ontario One Call will no longer be accepting requests through the Contractor Bridge.

What is changing?

The use of the Contractor Bridge for the submission of locate requests will no longer be accepted or supported by Ontario One Call.

How do I submit my Requests?

Please visit and click request online to get started.

We have multiple training videos available to help you learn how to navigate our web portal, click here to start learning.

Our new Professional Locate Administrator Course (PLAC) is also available, click here to learn more.

What if I need help submitting my request online?

We are here to help, Ontario One Call has a support team to assist excavators in submitting their requests online.

Why is this changing?

Since the introduction of a new notification system in 2018, each request is accompanied by a ‘map selection’, whether the request is made online or through the Contractor Bridge.

When a request is submitted through the Contractor Bridge, Ontario One Call Agents have to create a map selection on behalf of the submitter for every request received, meaning they have a decreased opportunity to map the dig location appropriately. These map selections are often much larger than necessary and notify more infrastructure owners than may be required.

In early 2022, Ontario One Call will be launching its new web portal to make submitting a locate request easier!

Please click here for more details.

The benefits of this change include

  • Improved accuracy through drawing on a satellite image
  • Greater opportunity to decrease the amount of locates excavators need to wait for based on the accuracy of the map selection created
  • Better control for the excavator over the locate request process

         – Ease of creating requests quickly and efficiently
– Greater visibility into the status of the locate through web portal functions

  • New User Friendly Web Portal coming January 2022

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Fax Shut Off

Attention Stakeholders
Fax Communications Shutoff

Effective February 1st, 2020 Ontario One Call will remove the option for any communications via fax.

What is changing?
Currently, Ontario One Call may communicate to Members for notifications of locate requests, and to Excavators for locate request confirmations, via fax. As of February 01st, 2020, Ontario One Call will no longer be sending any transmissions via fax. Anyone who currently receives communications via fax will need to change across to email communications or FTP (available for Member Notifications only).

Why change?
Fax is an aging and unreliable technology, only used by a small number of our Members and Excavators. Over the years, Ontario One Call has placed a great importance on improving the quality of the transmissions that we send. This includes the map selections that are now required for every request, which are transferred as a low quality via fax. If you have any questions please contact us respectively. Members, please reach out to our Member Service department. Excavators, please reach out to our Client Services department.

Notice of Special Members Meeting – December 21, 2017

DATE:              Thursday, December 21, 2017

TIME:               12:00pm – 12:30pm

LOCATION:      Via Teleconference


NOTICE: Notice is hereby given that a Special Meeting of the Members of Ontario One Call (the “Corporation”) shall be held at the date and time above for the following purpose:

1)     To pass a special resolution approving and confirming a fee schedule change for all Members as of January 1, 2018.

Members will be asked to approve the replacement the current per notification fee structure with an assessment-based model and, furthermore, approve a freeze in members’ overall notification payments to Ontario One Call for 2018.  


MEETING MATERIALS: Meeting materials can be obtained online at or requested via email to, from November 7, 2017.

 TELECONFERENCE: Any interested member may attend and participate by telephone via a toll-free teleconference line. Please dial: 1-866-261-6767 and enter passcode 5989559#

PROXY: Members eligible to vote shall be entitled to vote by proxy.  A proxy form is attached to this announcement.

If you wish to RSVP or require more information with regard to the procedures for attending the meeting, please contact Cory Officer at




Contractor Phone Queue Migration 2018

Effective March 1, 2018, Ontario One Call will be migrating the single and multiple request phone queues for locate requests made by professional Contractors/Excavators to the web.

Please read the following bulletin carefully for important information.


What is changing?

Phone queue migration for Contractors:

Ontario One Call will be removing the ability for professional Contractors/Excavators to create their standard locate requests by phone.

Today, by phoning 1-800-400-2255, a professional Contractor can select the ‘Contractor queue’ and select between a single or multiple request queue to process locate requests. Effective March 1, 2018 these queues will no longer be available.


Why are we changing?

Since the web ticket was introduced in 2014, professional contractors and excavators use the online service for 80% of their standard ticket requests.

For them, it provides an easy online tool for ticket entry, and for members it provides more accurate information than a telephone submission.  In the coming months, we are introducing a new feature to the web ticket called “map selection notification.”  This will make identifying your excavation area as simple as drawing a box on a Google map.

This creates a much more intuitive experience when entering a request, and also reduces over-notification of members who have no infrastructure in the identified area.  However, this tool is not something that can be effectively used through a telephone request, therefore, we have to move contactor and excavator requests online so everyone can benefit from this change.


The benefits of this change include;

  • Improved accuracy through drawing on a satellite image;
  • Better control for the excavator over the locate request process;
    • Ease of creating requests quickly and efficiently;
    • Greater visibility into the status of the locate through web portal functions.


How will this affect me?

For Contractors/Excavators submitting standard locate requests by phone, it will be mandatory to use the online method of locate submission beginning March 1, 2018.


What doesn’t change?

The following submission types will remain the same;

Legitimate emergency and priority requests will continue to be processed by phone at 1-800-400-2255 for all requestors.


How can I prepare for this change?

Ontario One Call is dedicated in supporting you through this transition.

We know that people have different comfort levels with technology, and for many people this will be a change in how they do this part of their job.

That’s why we’re giving plenty of advance notice and making sure everyone has opportunities to adapt to the new requirements.

You can begin using the Web Portal today;


Familiarize yourself with this process over the next few months by doing the following:

  • Keep your eyes open for Ontario One Call’s training sessions on the processing of locate requests though Ontario One Call’s Web Portal.


  • Register for a training session by clicking the following link:



  • Contact to better understand how to process locate requests through Ontario One Call’s Web Portal. Support will be available for excavators throughout the coming months and after March 1, 2018 to ensure ease of transition.