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Effective July 2017, Ontario One Call will be releasing new tools to assist in the creation of web tickets.

Effective December 2017, Ontario One Call will be implementing a new internal system process for the way in which notification is generated.

Please read the following bulletin carefully for important information.


What is changing?

Web ticket tools:

Ontario One Call is adding the following tools to the web-ticket creation process.  These changes will aid in the finding of a specific location by the excavator.  These additional tools will also assist locators in identifying the requestor’s dig location.

  1. Civic Pin Drop
  2. Measuring tool
  3. Refresh Map Tool
  4. Multiple selection display tool


Notification Changes:

Ontario One Call is making a change to the notification system with the participation of our Members and the Excavators, in order to create an opportunity to achieve the following goals over time.

The goal of this change is to;

  • Obtain more accurate information about the dig location;
  • Accurately reduce the number of the owners of infrastructure notified on a locate request, by decreasing the notification area through the map selection
  • Reduce the waiting time for the completion of locates


Training Registration:

Ontario One Call will be holding training sessions for the following changes;

Web Ticket tools for Excavators:



Map Selection Notification Changes for Members:


Maintenance Scheduled Down-Time

Attention Users

Maintenance Scheduled Down-Time


On June 1st, 2017 starting at 6:00 PM and lasting up to 12:00 AM (midnight EST) Ontario One Call will be performing maintenance on its information technology systems.

During this time we will only accept emergency locate requests via telephone and dispatch via a manual process.

Call 1-800-400-2255

The following services will not be available during the maintenance window.

– Web Portal

– Contractor Bridge

360 feedback (TCP/IP and Webservice)

– Corporate Website

– Maps on the web

– Subscriptions on the web


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