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Changes to phone queues March 2022


Attention Stakeholders
Changes to Requests Submitted by Phone

Effective March 2022, Ontario One Call will be moving all standard requests submitted by Professional Contractors to the web.

What is changing?

Any Standard and Design and Planning Requests from professional contractors will only be available for submission through Ontario One Call’s web portal.

What can I submit through the Phone?

The following requests will be accepted through the phone:
1. Emergency/Deferred Emergency (P0) Requests
2. Sewer Lateral Requests

What if I need help submitting my request online?

We are here to help, Ontario One Call will have a support line to assist excavators, however, Agents will not process Standard Requests or Design and Planning requests on the phone.

Why is this changing?

Since the introduction of a new notification system in 2018, each request is accompanied by a ‘map selection’, whether the request is made online or by phone. When a request is created by phone, Ontario One Call Agents have a decreased opportunity to map the dig location appropriately. Meaning these map selections are often larger than necessary and notify more infrastructure owners than may be required.

In early 2022, Ontario One Call will also be launching its new web portal to make submitting a locate request easier!

The benefits of this change include

  • Improved accuracy through drawing on a satellite image
  • Greater opportunity to decrease the amount of locates excavators need to wait for based on the accuracy of the map selection created
  • Better control for the excavator over the locate request process

         – Ease of creating requests quickly and efficiently
– Greater visibility into the status of the locate through web portal functions

  • New User Friendly Web Portal coming January 2022

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