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New Web Portal


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New Web Portal

Ontario One Call is re-creating our Web Portal to improve the process of submitting Locate Requests!

The expected implementation is January 27th, 2022.

Action required

Some changes to Ontario One Call’s system will affect the Notifications and Confirmations sent to stakeholders, in particular, changes to field names, and the addition of brand new fields. This may require technical changes in your system.

Members or Locators who parse any information from the Notification Form please see the examples of the new forms by clicking here.  Note the email notifications will be sent as HTML only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new system is still in development and the listed modifications may change throughout the year.

Members must remain compatible with Ontario One Call’s systems to continue the timely receipt of locate requests.

Excavators or Locate Requestors  who parse any information from the Confirmation Form please contact us at

The changes, at a glance:

1. Brand new EASY TO USE platform!

  • New fields
  • Easy to understand questions
  • New and modern look

2. Different request options for different users

  • Single Address Request

   i. A new simple form for requests regarding an excavation on a single civic parcel

  • Advanced Request

   i. A new form for large requests with multiple civics or no civics
ii. New Fields
a. Permit Number
b. Project Number
c. Expected Date of project completion
d. The advanced requests will have the Request Type set to “Project Work” 

3. Easy to submit Design and Planning Requests for Excavators

4. Changes to the Map Functionality

  • New method of searching for the location.
  • Additional fields in the Map include.

             i. Start date per map selection created (to improve communication regarding work schedules)
ii. Automatically generated work size area in Map Selection attachment

5. New “Additional Information” Field

  • Replaces the Detailed Description of the Work and Remarks fields
  • Increases the size of the field, to fit more text.

6. A new, user friendly, Account Settings feature:

  • Manage your profile, your Contractor IDs, and Station Codes (Members only).

7. Removal of the FAX number from the Locate Request:

  • We will no longer be accepting or transmitting Fax numbers on locate requests.