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Always call Ontario One Call for a free Sewer Safety Inspection before you clear a blocked sewer.

(Press Release – Guelph, ON) – Before attempting to clear a sewer blockage beyond the outside walls of a building, Ontario One Call reminds everyone to “Call Before You Clear” to arrange a free emergency sewer safety inspection to avoid the danger of a natural gas leak or explosion.

Natural gas pipes may have been unintentionally installed through sewer pipes – a situation known as a cross bore. Although this is rare, the pipes can co-exist safely and go undetected until the sewer pipe is blocked and needs to be cleared.

“There are serious safety risks if mechanical plumbing tools are used to clear a blockage that has an intersecting gas line,” says Ian Simpson, Director of Education, Marketing, and Compliance at Ontario One Call. “These tools could easily damage a gas pipe and lead to a dangerous natural gas leak situation.”

Whether you own or rent, are a DIY or a plumber, a blocked sewer is stressful and you’ll want it resolved fast. That’s why sewer safety inspections are available 24/7 and treated as emergency calls to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. “Sewer safety inspections are free,” says Simpson. The most important thing you can do is call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to request a free sewer safety inspection before using mechanical clearing/cutting or high-pressure water jetting equipment to try to clear a blockage outside the walls of a building.

Once Ontario One Call receives the call, they will notify the local service provider who will verify if you do or do not have a cross bore on your property. If there are no cross bores, clearing activities can proceed. If there is a potential cross bore the appropriate utility will be notified to fix the issue.

Don’t risk loved ones or your community. Make sure to Call Before You Clear.

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Ontario One Call is a not-for-profit organization that acts as a communications link between utility companies, underground infrastructure owners, and individuals who are planning to dig in the province of Ontario. In 2012, the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act was passed, which stipulates by law that anyone in the province of Ontario must contact Ontario One Call before they dig.

Ian Simpson Director of Education, Marketing, and Compliance

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