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Excavator Survey Results

In December 2020, Ontario One Call conducted an online survey of over 1,000 excavators. There are a number of interesting and valuable findings that we want to share with all members, excavators, and stakeholders.

View the full presentation by clicking the link below.

Among the key findings:

  1. Excavators plan to make 2021 a busy year for digging. Half expect excavation volumes will be above pre-pandemic levels (e.g., 2019 levels) while the other half feel they will return to normal. Only 7% feel they will be slower than usual. This means that anyone who is planning based on the slower, Covid-impacted 2020 year will likely be underestimating demand for locates.
  2. Roughly 3/4 of excavators say that it’s easy to use ON1Call’s online platform and that they have adequate training to use the system. ON1Call recently introduced the Professional Locate Administrator Course (PLAC) to provide the opportunity to become an expert in entering and managing requests.
  3. Around 2/3 of excavators say we’re on the right track in improving our online experience. In late 2021/early 2022 we’ll be rolling out a new web platform that will be much more intuitive and easier to use.
  4. There is strong support for concepts like “One Call, One Locate”, a standardized 60 day locate validity period and sharing locates among contractors
  5. There are mixed views toward excavator-pay models and mandatory white lining, but certainly enough support to investigate these ideas further.

Click Here for Survey Results

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