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June Newsletter

June Newsletter


Ontario One Call Continues to be Fully Operational

Thank you to all front-line workers for keeping us safe during this pandemic.  We appreciate all the work that you continue to do.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, Ontario One Call has remained fully operational to handle locate requests. As more outdoor projects are being planned, we need your help to make sure people are safe by spreading the Call or Click Before You Dig message.

Prevent damages, stop injuries, and avoid financial penalties. Call or Click Before You Dig.

Make Your Requests Online

We are in the busy dig season, and our phone lines are getting busier. Avoid waiting, save time, and make more accurate locates by requesting online.
Visit us at:

Join our Virtual AGM June 25th

Registration for the webinar is available until Monday, June 22, 2020 at 4:00pm.

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Unable to Attend?

If you are unable to attend our upcoming virtual AGM on June 25th, 2020, you could still have your voice heard.

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Locate Request Trends – April and May

Due to COVID-19, April saw a dramatic decrease in the volume of locate requests. With the province loosening up construction restrictions in May, volumes have increased to seasonal norms.

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Change your links

Switch your marketing materials and web links to now.

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New Marketing Materials
Get the latest materials

Get the latest Ontario One Call Marketing Materials and spread the Call or Click Before You Dig Message.

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Sharing Locates

Excavators can share locates.  Find out who is responsible and examples of when locates can be shared.

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Sharing With Subcontractors  

If you plan to share locates, include your subcontractor on the locate request. Follow this best practice.

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Dedicated Locator
A Late Locate Symposium Initiative

Dedicated Locator is one of the five Late Locate Symposium solutions identified that could be implemented quickly for an immediate and positive impact for the 2020 dig season. Find out what it is and how it works.

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Standardized Locate Validity
A Late Locate Symposium Initiative

It’s a standardized approach to help manage locates and reduce the amount of relocates. Locates will be valid longer and each Member’s locates will have the same expiry date.

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Multiple Civic Request

Follow this Best Practice when you are submitting a multiple civic request.

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Launching Later This Year

PLAC  is an interactive online course, designed to create expert Locate Administrators.

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New Subdivision Request

Follow this Best Practice when you are submitting a new subdivision request.

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How to Dig Safe

Written by the ORCGA, this is what every contractor needs to know. Learn about dangers, responsibilities, and how to always dig safely.

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DIRT Report is Available

The DIRT Report is compiled annually by the ORCGA and provides analysis on the root cause of damages.
Read the latest report.

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Health & Safety

The Province provides resources, best practices and information to help construction employers understand their responsibilities while operating during COVID-19.

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CCGA Best Practices
Underground Infrastructure Damage Prevention

Keep your worksite and the people you work with safe by following the CCGA’s Best Practices. Damage prevention is a shared responsibility.

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