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Fax Shut Off

Attention Stakeholders
Fax Communications Shutoff

Effective February 1st, 2020 Ontario One Call will remove the option for any communications via fax.

What is changing?
Currently, Ontario One Call may communicate to Members for notifications of locate requests, and to Excavators for locate request confirmations, via fax. As of February 01st, 2020, Ontario One Call will no longer be sending any transmissions via fax. Anyone who currently receives communications via fax will need to change across to email communications or FTP (available for Member Notifications only).

Why change?
Fax is an aging and unreliable technology, only used by a small number of our Members and Excavators. Over the years, Ontario One Call has placed a great importance on improving the quality of the transmissions that we send. This includes the map selections that are now required for every request, which are transferred as a low quality via fax. If you have any questions please contact us respectively. Members, please reach out to our Member Service department. Excavators, please reach out to our Client Services department.