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Time is running out. Join us for the last few webinar sessions!

March Webinars

Time is running out. Join us for the last few webinar sessions!


Free Webinars: Learn what you need to succeed.  Whether you are just starting out, need a refresher, want to find out what’s new, or want tips and tricks on how to save time and money these webinars have been created for you.

Throughout the month of MARCH, Ontario One Call’s Education and Training experts will be hosting live webinars to help you with your daily workload.

All webinars are live, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification. Webinars run Monday to Thursday from March 4thto 27th. Click on the link below the webinar description to register for a date and time that works for you.


Available Topics:

Alternate Locate Agreements

Low risk work does not always need field markings. Find out how Alternate Locate Agreements can help you save time and money.

This webinar is beneficial for many excavators and most infrastructure owners. Excavators that would benefit most are those that service wire installations, irrigation systems, stump grinding, interlock, paving, sodding, concrete, etc. or any work completed by hydro vac, shovels or spades.


Don’t Get Delayed: Relocates and You

Find out about relocates.  This webinar will explore relocates, various relocate delays and the recommended procedures around relocates and ticket processing


Paving the Way to Clicking Rather than Calling

Time is $$$ – Processing your locates online is in your best interest. Let us show you how you can hang up the phone and make the web portal work for you.
This webinar is for anyone that calls in locates and is unfamiliar or simply not comfortable with submitting locates online. We will help simplify the process.  We will show you how to set up your ID, how to make permanent changes to your contractor ID, how to process a locate, how to check the status of your locate, where to find contact information, as well as how to search, update and relocate your locates.


What’s new with Web tools

Want to find out what’s new?  Ontario One Call has introduced new features to help you identify and your excavation areas in greater detail. Start the dig season by learning about the exciting new tools and how to use them.


Did you miss the webinar you wanted to attend, or is there something else you need to learn?

We are here to support you. Reach out to our Education and Training team to set up a session



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