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Changes to Requests Submitted by Phone

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Changes to Requests Submitted by Phone



Effective March 28th, 2019, Ontario One Call will be moving any requests without a single civic to the web. Any requests that contain more than one civic, or have no civic associated will not be processed over the phone.


What is changing?

Any requests from professional contractors that contain more than one civic, or have no civic associated will not be processed over the phone.

What if I have a civic that is near my dig site?

Ontario One Call will not accept requests where the dig is not occurring directly on the property associated with the civic provided.  Providing such information to an Agent increases the risk of the map selection they create not matching the dig location, therefore, infrastructure owners may not be notified of the dig properly and damages or injury may occur as a result. The excavators are responsible for providing accurate information for the creation of the request.


What if I can’t find my dig location in the map?

We are here to help, Ontario One Call will have a support line to assist excavators, however, requests will not be processed by Agents on the phone.

For more in-depth training or assistance please contact us by emailing


Why is this changing?

Since the introduction of a new notification system, each request is accompanied by a ‘map selection’, whether the request is made online or by phone.

When the request is made by phone, Ontario One Call Agents have a decreased opportunity to map the dig location appropriately, especially where a civic # is not available or provided. Meaning these map selections are often larger than necessary and notify more infrastructure owners than may be required.

The benefits of this change include;

  • Improved accuracy through drawing on a satellite image;
  • Greater opportunity to decrease the amount of locates excavators need to wait for based on the accuracy of the map selection created;
  • Better control for the excavator over the locate request process;
    • Ease of creating requests quickly and efficiently;
    • Greater visibility into the status of the locate through web portal functions.



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