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New Changes – Confirmation form for Excavators

Attention System Users

New Changes – Confirmation form for Excavators


Effective December 4, 2017, Ontario One Call will be changing the look of the confirmation form sent to excavators by email.

Please read the following bulletin carefully for important information.


Why are we changing?

The current method of sending ticket information to excavators can be challenging to read and Ontario One Call is working toward a more improved method of sending out documentation.


What is changing?

The emails will now be received in HTML format with images attached in the body of the email.

Images include statellite/aerial imagery from Ontario One Call, as well as sketches directly from the excavator.


What will the email look like?

The email will be in HTML format, and will include all of the information submitted by the excavator, including their map selection over Ontario One Call’s aerial image, and any additional sketches they may have provided:

Below is a partial sample of the new look of the confirmation form:



How do I make sure I get these emails?

Provide a valid email address with your request, if you don’t receive a confirmation after 24 hours please contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to validate your email address.

Ensure you have whitelisted or added to your safe senders list and check your junk mail folder if you haven’t received an email from Ontario One Call.



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