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New Changes – 360 Feedback Statuses and Notes

Attention System Users

New Changes 360 Feedback Statuses and Notes


Effective December 4, 2017 Ontario One Call will be releasing visibility of 360 feedback notes for excavators on the web.

Please read the following bulletin carefully for important information.


What is changing?

Note visibility in 360 Feedback:

Ontario One Call’s 360 Feedback tool will now make notes submitted by infrastructure owners (or their locators) in regards to a specific locate request visible to the excavator.

Some reasons when notes may be provided include*;

  1. A locator needs more information regarding the dig location;
  2. A site meet is required;
  3. The ticket information is not complete, from the requestor


*This list is not exhaustive and are examples only.


360 Status Changes

Ontario One Call will be adding additional status options for members to use to help better identify their actions on a ticket. Note: New statuses are not mandatory at this time, and will be included along with the old statuses for an undefined period of time during the transition.

The statuses will include;

  • Notification sent (default status, indicates that the member was notified of a locate request).
  • Requestor to provide more info (indicates that the contractor must contact the member).
  • Sent to locator (lets the member indicate that they dispatched the locate request).
  • Cleared (lets the member indicate that no locate is necessary before work can begin).
  • Contact member (allows the member indicate that they want to be contacted).
  • Cleared by lookup center (lets the lookup center, on behalf of the member, indicate that no locate is necessary before work can begin).
  • Completed (replaces Marked/Completed, indicates that the locate is completed).
  • Not completed (replaces Not Completed/Needs more info, indicates that the locate is not completed).
  • Renegotiated (indicates that the contractor and locator renegotiated the work date).


Please note: Members using TCP/IP will need to change to our Web Service in order to be able to use the new statuses.  To obtain more information please, contact us at


How will this affect me?

Excavators, this tool already allows you to see the status of your ticket per Member notified, the notes field will allow you to see whether the Member or Locator made additional comments regarding your locate request based on that ticket status.

Members, any notes made in the 360 feedback status may be visible to the excavator should you wish to add clarity to a ticket status. However, this system does not remove your responsibility of contacting the excavator directly if there is an issue with a locate request


How will this feature be displayed?

Note visibility in 360 Feedback – notes from Members or their Locators can be found in the status portion of Ontario One Call’s web portal. When checking the ticket status of a particular request, the information will be displayed for the excavator when you hover over the icon noted below.



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